Research & Development
26 February 2019 106

Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) in the pharma ecosystem

Nowadays, thanks to the technological revolution, most of the healthcare facilities (clinics, hospitals, social media platforms) have gathered a huge amount of healthcare data worldwide. This so-called Real-World Data (RWD) can be coupled to smart analytical methods to generate new - so far unknown... Read More

Research & Development
18 December 2018 246

The implications of Brexit for pharmaceutical companies

Since UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) at the referendum two years ago, Brexit has been a constant subject of conversation. There is no doubt that this British exit will have severe implications on both the UK and the EU economy, among which also the pharmaceutical industry. UK and EU have... Read More

Research & Development
27 November 2018 237

Why a Circular Economy is of high value for the Pharmaceutical Industry

If we want our economy to become more competitive and resilient; relieving the pressure on our resources and the environment, we should evolve into a circular economy.  The pharmaceutical industry highly relies on chemical processes, who have an unavoidable negative impact on the environment. As... Read More

Research & Development
23 October 2018 214

Unlocking the path to sustainable growth by tackling complexity

It is a common phenomenon: fast growth leads to increasing complexity and complexity in its turn inhibits further growth. Call it the growth paradox.  When companies start growing quickly, complexity sneaks into the processes, structures and governance, slowing down overall performance and decision... Read More

Research & Development
25 September 2018 200

Challenges when managing Life Sciences Projects on a Global Scale

Managing Life Sciences projects can be complex and difficult. Today, Project Teams are located around the globe. This global aspect presents additional challenges for the Project Manager. Added complications for global projects include time zone constraints, cultural differences and lack... Read More

Research & Development
28 August 2018 156

Accessing social media information for Pharmacovigilance

Wikipedia defines Pharmacovigilance as "the science relating to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products". One platform for this patient based, unsolicited and up-to-date feedback today is social media. Pharmaceutical... Read More

Research & Development
07 August 2018 380

Top 7 research trends affecting the biopharmaceutical industry

In order to stay ahead of the game, Pharma and Biotech companies are continuously innovating in their R&D programmes. recently listed an overview of the top 7 most influential research trends affecting the biopharmaceutical industry in 2018 and beyond; together with the key... Read More

Research & Development
10 July 2018 284

Experiences of healthcare professionals with care relationships

​Thanks to continuous advances in modern technology there is no denying that healthcare is constantly evolving. This creates interesting new opportunities for both healthcare professionals and patients. For instance, applications are used to track and monitor health status, hospitals can compare... Read More

Research & Development
12 June 2018 331

Big Data: Prescription for the Pharmaceutical R&D Plight

Technological improvements continuously transform the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the high pressure on return on investment and productivity in research and development, pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to decrease their drug development times. To stay ahead of these... Read More