Strategic Collaborations
20 November 2018 147

Real-World Data as an alternative strategy for improved cancer outcomes

Over the last decennia, a huge amount of data has been captured throughout the entire pharmaceutical landscape, ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturers to research centers, retailers, patient registries in hospitals as well as other stakeholders in medical research. This resulted in a treasure of... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
13 November 2018 166

Public-private partnerships in the fight against global epidemics

​The 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was a wake-up call to improve the world's collective defense against the threat of infectious diseases. Between the discovery of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in 1976 and the beginning of the epidemic in 2014, Ebola outbreaks were sporadic and only... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
18 September 2018 151

Engaging Patients in Medical Research projects: hurdles & opportunities

When we talk about patient engagement (PE) in medical research, we face many issues: Policymakers have difficulties wearing the patient hat.   Researchers have difficulties in understanding the real need of patients. Most of all since they rely on data from patients to advance the... Read More

Business & IT Services
11 September 2018 207

What makes good collaboration? 10 real-world tips

In the expanding landscape of collaboration between various stakeholders, borders fade with every year that passes. Individuals and companies are looking for ways to connect and every group eventually finds a way to get connected. Although we speak on average about 7.000 to 20.000 words per day, we... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
03 July 2018 294

Funding made more attractive for life sciences companies

Life Sciences companies are continuously looking for money. At the same time, the European and US governments are making billions of research and development euros and dollars available each year. Therefore it is obvious for the two sides to team up. However, contracting with the government comes... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
28 June 2018 186

Horizon Europe – looking at the future or building on the past?

As a follow-up on our April blog post 'What’s up with Horizon 2020’s successor, the next EU programme for R&D and Innovation funding?', we are happy to provide you with some updates: As an integral part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027, the European Commission has outlined... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
05 June 2018 230

The importance of funding research on rare diseases

​​As the name suggests, rare diseases are uncommon, but they together affect up to 8% of the population. Their rarity and diversity though pose specific challenges: Research is difficult due to low numbers of affected individuals who are geographically spread. The development of therapies is... Read More