20 November 2018 227

Real-World Data as an alternative strategy for improved cancer outcomes

Over the last decennia, a huge amount of data has been captured throughout the entire pharmaceutical landscape, ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturers to research centers, retailers, patient registries in hospitals as well as other stakeholders in medical research. This resulted in a treasure of untapped information with huge opportunities

Needless to say, numerous initiatives are being launched to analyse and exploit this immense data pool.

In this light, Janssen Pharmaceutica launched the project HONEUR, which stands for 'Haematology Outcomes Network in EURope'. It is a Janssen-led collaboration project at scaling up and accelerating research conducted on Real-World Data (RWD) by analysing health and treatment data across multiple haematological centres in Europe.

HONEUR is specifically focused on improved patient outcomes in view of haematological malignancies. Its mission is to create a secure, collaborative platform that enables participants such as hospitals, patient data registries or associations of physicians across Europe to leverage the untapped value of RWD for better therapies and improved patient outcomes.

A big advantage of the project lies in the fact that, although it is truly interactive and collaborative by nature, patient-level data stays locally stored and only aggregated data is being centralized, warranting data privacy and patient protection at all times.

HONEUR is also complementary to EHDEN, which is a coordinating project that is part of the IMI's Big Data For Better Outcomes (BD4BO) initiative, of which Janssen is one of many public-private partners. As noted above, HONEUR's focus is on building networks of haematological malignancy data, whilst EHDEN's network is not disease-specific and focused in particular on data harmonization and standardisation throughout Europe.

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Matthias Cleenewerck, Project Manager

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