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Digital disruption as a strategic opportunity to transform supply chains

Supply Chain Leaders are embracing today's digital evolution. By using predictive analytics, robotic process automation and tools based on Artificial Intelligence, companies can significantly improve performance and boost growth and revenue numbers.

Embracing digitization is not a straightforward process though. Many companies fall short in the digital transformation by only implementing tools and applications, without building the foundations for those applications, or changing the business model to support the digitization.

In the article cited below, five paradigm shifts are discussed about the way data and digitization are used. By understanding the shift, companies can start reshaping their business models and truly prepare for the digital world.

  1. Advanced product and process mastery – New technologies and advanced analytical models can be used to better understand the product and production process.
  2. Real-time predictive analysis – Analytical models can be used to forecast demand, identify risks, and investigate quality issues and machine failures.
  3. E2E digital twin simulation and optimization – A twin simulation is a digital simulation of production processes or assets. Data is used to predict machine failures and adjust maintenance to prevent those failures. In addition, changes in the production process or assets can be simulated for impact and results.
  4. Automation of knowledge work and robotics – Besides automation of standard processes, tools can also be used to automate administrative and supply chain processes. Automated systems can perform quality checks and verifications to reduce failures.
  5. Digital operations assistance – Technology support in the workplace decreases human errors of operators. Real-time KPI dashboards help production supervisors and managers in improving operations.

Read full article (SOURCE: McKinsey&Company)

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