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Better, faster and smarter content management within the life sciences industry

Life Sciences companies are generally slow in adapting new technologies - certainly when looking at company-wide innovations. There are a few reasons for this: technology is often an enabler instead of a core concept and besides that, life sciences is a heavily regulated industry. 

If we would score life science companies on technology innovation linked to their core activities (e.g. manufacturing, drug discovery or investigating chemical compounds), it is one of the most innovative sectors. A delay in adapting new technologies is also due to the regulated nature of the life sciences industry: it is not enough to move forward yourself; the authorities also need to provide a framework, or you need to operate within the one provided.

EMA’s IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) initiative is providing a framework for consistent Data Management, enabling consistent use of definitions and central storage of Master Data.

In the content management and data analytics area, we notice that the life sciences industry (and regulations) is starting to embrace Cloud solutions and the IoT. A lot of life sciences companies will have a single source program or strategy on their TO DO-list; simply because the gains are too big to ignore. An application such as Veeva (or SharePoint) enables consistent and straightforward content management.

When implementing new technology solutions, there are also challenges to take into account. The life sciences industry is a diverse and complex industry. Besides a lot of interaction within the company and with a lot of external stakeholders, there are different specialized teams and departments focusing on their tasks throughout the development  lifeycle. This leads to silos, with each silo having unique processes and goals (often different per lead market) and a wide array of applications.

Adapting to new technologies, like a single source, cloud based Content Management System, is a big change, since it affects different departments, processes, silos and local regulated procedures. A change simply takes time, enhanced by the need to onboard a large number of users with a diverse background.

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We can support in setting up and executing a strategy for Data Management, Content Management or Integration Services - whether you are a Startup/SME who need to do it for the first time or a large company struggling in getting all applications integrated or migrated to a single source. We have proven experience in process analysis and process design ranging to application Roll-Out and Change Management for Veeva and SharePoint. Besides that, we have a strong expertise in data analytics and visualization - and we can implement tools such as Tableau and PowerBI.

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