05 March 2019 162

Solutions to Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges

​The core competency of Pharmaceutical companies is to make drugs, to bring them to the market, and to get the right drug in the right patient’s hands as quickly as possible. This has become quite a challenge taking into account the complexities around logistics & regulatory requirements and the implementation of product serialization. 

A contract packaging company, that can deliver the expertise and flexibility to ship pharmaceuticals internationally, can eliminate those complexities.​​

Outsourcing packaging has become a viable and a beneficial business strategy enabling pharma companies to transfer non-core activities in order to restructure their distribution networks, leverage resources, and intensify their focus on research and development.​​

For many, this strategy has resulted in improved supply chain management and can yield a 25 to 50 percent reduction in total supply chain costs.

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Diane Steel, Project Manager

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