Supply Chain & Operations
05 March 2019 161

Solutions to Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Challenges

​The core competency of Pharmaceutical companies is to make drugs, to bring them to the market, and to get the right drug in the right patient’s hands as quickly as possible. This has become quite a challenge taking into account the complexities around logistics & regulatory requirements and... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
05 February 2019 130

The Death of Supply Chain Management?

The supply chain often dictates the heartbeat of a company's operations. The underlying processes, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and logistics – even though supported by powerful ERP systems – today still require a lot of manual input as well as expert analysis and... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
08 January 2019 168

Digital disruption as a strategic opportunity to transform supply chains

Supply Chain Leaders are embracing today's digital evolution. By using predictive analytics, robotic process automation and tools based on Artificial Intelligence, companies can significantly improve performance and boost growth and revenue numbers. Embracing digitization is not a straightforward... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
11 December 2018 201

Continuous Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical production

Pharmaceutical Process design often aims at implementing a fixed and validated process that can produce on-spec materials, which can be confirmed by quality testing. However, the combination of a fixed manufacturing process and normal variations in environment, equipment, and material properties... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
30 October 2018 331

Biopharmaceutical cold chain best practices

​Small molecule drugs have ruled the pharmaceutical market for many decades. More recently, however, biological medical products – or biopharmaceuticals (e.g. proteins) – are gaining more attention and represent a significant share of drug research and development nowadays. Important benefits of... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
02 October 2018 193

Foundational and accelerating characteristics of High-performing businesses

In a previous blog post, we introduced an interesting read on how developing strategic planning as a capability can really bring your company strategy to life. The article referred to below emphasizes that strategy is the absolute starting point, but looks beyond the planning process in building... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
04 September 2018 252

Artificial intelligence to manage your supply chain

In today’s digital world we see how disruptive technologies are increasingly changing business. We live in an era of digital Darwinism where technology and society are evolving faster than business can naturally adapt. This “adapt or die” idea sets the stage for a generation of new business models... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
19 June 2018 316

A path to faster growth for healthcare companies

For a long time, healthcare manufacturers believed that all revenue growth was good. Mergers and acquisitions increased overall size but weren’t fully integrated and led to a pile up of redundant systems and processes. Complexity is the silent killer of growth. Tackling complexity in a systematic... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
22 May 2018 304

Additive Manufacturing shaping future supply chains

3D printing (also approached as “additive” or “rapid” manufacturing) is already being studied and used for more than 20 years. Thanks to the recent progress that has been made in additive manufacturing technologies, the commercial possibilities significantly increased. This technology allows... Read More