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04 December 2018 192

The importance of analysing data in today’s complex market environment

Global businesses are increasingly using the vast amount of data they have - mostly stored in different databases. They only recently started to understand and use the power of business intelligence.  This underlines the constant shift towards automatization and technology-driven solutions, which... Read More

Business & IT Solutions
09 October 2018 224

ASEAN harmonization efforts to allow faster patient access to therapies

Harmonizing regulatory guidelines has a number of important advantages: faster Marketing Authorization (MA) application approvals, optimized internal workflows and processes that are easier to manage, most importantly: improved time to market, giving patients faster access to therapies.... Read More

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27 March 2018 312

Trends that will impact the life sciences industry in 2018

In 2017, life sciences companies took important steps to advance their business processes and to enhance efficiency in drug development and commercial operations. This year, we see some exciting trends entering the life sciences Industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of them: Augmented... Read More

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30 January 2018 182

Regulated Information Management, what’s in a name.

In this fast-evolving digital world, new technology is used throughout the drug development from AI and VI on selecting API’s with promise, to automated supply chain centers using RFID tags and/or blockchain technology. Also, getting market authorization for your product (pharma, biological or... Read More

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19 December 2017 127

Will artificial intelligence replace our doctors?

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has an important role to play in a wide variety of business fields. One of these fields being diagnostics in the healthcare landscape.    In the last decades, the number of scientific discoveries and publications increased exponentially and thanks to the... Read More

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14 November 2017 202

Regulatory Labeling and Emerging Technology like Blockchain

Everyday Multinational to small Pharmaceutical companies are implementing methodologies to prevent Counterfeit Drugs to enter the supply chain between production and patient delivery. Their motivation stems for at least two factors: revenue and patient safety. The Pharmaceutical industry strive... Read More

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18 September 2017 209

What is your data strategy?

Data management and its transformation into relevant insights are critical drivers for a company’s success. And still, a lot of companies fail to leverage and protect their data due to a lacking data strategy. This interesting Harvard Business Review article introduces a framework that can help... Read More