Supply Chain & Operations
08 January 2019 168

Digital disruption as a strategic opportunity to transform supply chains

Supply Chain Leaders are embracing today's digital evolution. By using predictive analytics, robotic process automation and tools based on Artificial Intelligence, companies can significantly improve performance and boost growth and revenue numbers. Embracing digitization is not a straightforward... Read More

Research & Development
18 December 2018 246

The implications of Brexit for pharmaceutical companies

Since UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) at the referendum two years ago, Brexit has been a constant subject of conversation. There is no doubt that this British exit will have severe implications on both the UK and the EU economy, among which also the pharmaceutical industry. UK and EU have... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
11 December 2018 202

Continuous Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical production

Pharmaceutical Process design often aims at implementing a fixed and validated process that can produce on-spec materials, which can be confirmed by quality testing. However, the combination of a fixed manufacturing process and normal variations in environment, equipment, and material properties... Read More

Business & IT Solutions
04 December 2018 192

The importance of analysing data in today’s complex market environment

Global businesses are increasingly using the vast amount of data they have - mostly stored in different databases. They only recently started to understand and use the power of business intelligence.  This underlines the constant shift towards automatization and technology-driven solutions, which... Read More

Research & Development
27 November 2018 237

Why a Circular Economy is of high value for the Pharmaceutical Industry

If we want our economy to become more competitive and resilient; relieving the pressure on our resources and the environment, we should evolve into a circular economy.  The pharmaceutical industry highly relies on chemical processes, who have an unavoidable negative impact on the environment. As... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
20 November 2018 226

Real-World Data as an alternative strategy for improved cancer outcomes

Over the last decennia, a huge amount of data has been captured throughout the entire pharmaceutical landscape, ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturers to research centers, retailers, patient registries in hospitals as well as other stakeholders in medical research. This resulted in a treasure of... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
13 November 2018 224

Public-private partnerships in the fight against global epidemics

​The 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was a wake-up call to improve the world's collective defense against the threat of infectious diseases. Between the discovery of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in 1976 and the beginning of the epidemic in 2014, Ebola outbreaks were sporadic and only... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
30 October 2018 331

Biopharmaceutical cold chain best practices

​Small molecule drugs have ruled the pharmaceutical market for many decades. More recently, however, biological medical products – or biopharmaceuticals (e.g. proteins) – are gaining more attention and represent a significant share of drug research and development nowadays. Important benefits of... Read More

Research & Development
23 October 2018 214

Unlocking the path to sustainable growth by tackling complexity

It is a common phenomenon: fast growth leads to increasing complexity and complexity in its turn inhibits further growth. Call it the growth paradox.  When companies start growing quickly, complexity sneaks into the processes, structures and governance, slowing down overall performance and decision... Read More