Business & IT Solutions
09 October 2018 173

ASEAN harmonization efforts to allow faster patient access to therapies

Harmonizing regulatory guidelines has a number of important advantages: faster Marketing Authorization (MA) application approvals, optimized internal workflows and processes that are easier to manage, most importantly: improved time to market, giving patients faster access to therapies.... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
02 October 2018 158

Foundational and accelerating characteristics of High-performing businesses

In a previous blog post, we introduced an interesting read on how developing strategic planning as a capability can really bring your company strategy to life. The article referred to below emphasizes that strategy is the absolute starting point, but looks beyond the planning process in building... Read More

Research & Development
25 September 2018 166

Challenges when managing Life Sciences Projects on a Global Scale

Managing Life Sciences projects can be complex and difficult. Today, Project Teams are located around the globe. This global aspect presents additional challenges for the Project Manager. Added complications for global projects include time zone constraints, cultural differences and lack... Read More

Strategic Collaborations
18 September 2018 151

Engaging Patients in Medical Research projects: hurdles & opportunities

When we talk about patient engagement (PE) in medical research, we face many issues: Policymakers have difficulties wearing the patient hat.   Researchers have difficulties in understanding the real need of patients. Most of all since they rely on data from patients to advance the... Read More

Business & IT Services
11 September 2018 207

What makes good collaboration? 10 real-world tips

In the expanding landscape of collaboration between various stakeholders, borders fade with every year that passes. Individuals and companies are looking for ways to connect and every group eventually finds a way to get connected. Although we speak on average about 7.000 to 20.000 words per day, we... Read More

Supply Chain & Operations
04 September 2018 199

Artificial intelligence to manage your supply chain

In today’s digital world we see how disruptive technologies are increasingly changing business. We live in an era of digital Darwinism where technology and society are evolving faster than business can naturally adapt. This “adapt or die” idea sets the stage for a generation of new business models... Read More

Research & Development
28 August 2018 136

Accessing social media information for Pharmacovigilance

Wikipedia defines Pharmacovigilance as "the science relating to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products". One platform for this patient based, unsolicited and up-to-date feedback today is social media. Pharmaceutical... Read More

Research & Development
07 August 2018 331

Top 7 research trends affecting the biopharmaceutical industry

In order to stay ahead of the game, Pharma and Biotech companies are continuously innovating in their R&D programmes. recently listed an overview of the top 7 most influential research trends affecting the biopharmaceutical industry in 2018 and beyond; together with the key... Read More