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Best Pick
The Best PEO Service Providers of 2024
By Skye Schooley | March 21, 2024

Professional employer organization services can simplify your human resource responsibilities. Learn about the best PEOs available for your small business.

10 Ways to Empower your Employees
By Skye Schooley | February 20, 2024

If you're looking for new ways to empower your employees, here are some essential tips to get you started.

Break Free From Performance Management Shackles: Companies That Are Paving the Way
By Jennifer Post | February 14, 2024

Performance management methods, including performance reviews, no longer benefit businesses. Learn alternative methods from companies paving the way.

6 Lessons in Corporate Ethics From the GM Recall
By Jennifer Dublino | February 14, 2024

Business ethics are essential to maintaining an excellent business reputation. Learn how GM's 2014 recall fiasco presents ethics lessons for all businesses.

5 Ways to Improve Your Office Workflow
By Julie Thompson | February 14, 2024

Make your employees happier and more productive by following these tips for making your business run more efficiently and smoothly.

15 Benefits and Perks That Will Keep Your Remote Employees Happy
By Jennifer Dublino | February 14, 2024

An attractive benefits plan can help retain employees, lower turnover, and boost loyalty. Learn about 15 benefits and perks to offer your remote employees.

How Hiring a Chief Happiness Officer Can Save Your Business
By Skye Schooley | February 13, 2024

Employee happiness is a key component of business success. Learn what a chief happiness officer is and how one can benefit your company.

How to Implement a Compressed Work Schedule
By Nicole Fallon | February 12, 2024

A compressed work schedule offers your employees additional days off without loss of income, benefits or productivity. Learn how to use it in your company.

4 Tips to Build a Strong In-House Marketing Team
By Jennifer Dublino | February 02, 2024

If you have the resources, an in-house marketing team can lower costs and foster creativity and agility. Learn to build a strong in-house marketing team.

Why Your Small Business Needs an Attendance Policy (+ Sample Attendance Policy Template)
By Skye Schooley | February 02, 2024

Here’s why your small business needs an attendance policy as well as how to write an effective one — and a sample attendance policy template.

Trinet logo
TriNet Review and Pricing
By Skye Schooley | January 31, 2024

TriNet offers extensive, industry-specific HR services, such as payroll, risk management and benefits administration. There is no minimum employee or long-term contract requirement to enroll in...

Insperity PEO Services Review and Pricing
By Skye Schooley | January 31, 2024

Insperity provides PEO services to businesses needing benefits administration, payroll processing, risk management resources and HR consulting. Its competitive pricing and flexible plan make it a...

Can Managers Become Leaders?
By Jennifer Post | January 30, 2024

Managers plan and carry out organizational activities, but their role demands leadership. Here are five ways managers can become great leaders.

What Do Millennials Want in a Modern Leader?
By Jennifer Post | January 22, 2024

Millennials comprise a significant portion of today's workforce. Learn the modern leadership styles they value and the traits of millennial leaders.

The End of Rank and Yank: Management Practices Revisited
By Jennifer Post | January 19, 2024

The "rank and yank" management practice assessed employees and fired those who fell short. Learn why this outdated methodology has fallen out of favor.

How to Build a Sales Team at Scale
By Sean Peek | January 18, 2024

Do you need inside sales, field sales or both? Here are tips on how to identify the background and experience you require so that you have the right sales reps.

Workplace Bullying: How to Identify and Handle It
By Skye Schooley | January 17, 2024

Learn how to recognize bullying in the workplace and strategies for handling inappropriate treatment.

Small Business Guide to a Restaurant Management System
By Kiely Kuligowski | January 03, 2024

Restaurant management systems are essential tools that help you manage sales, staff, inventory and more. Learn which type might benefit your business best.

Remote Work Best Practices (Plus Sample Policy)
By Sean Peek | January 03, 2024

Since working from home is becoming a common trend, it is vital to have a plan that fosters this new working environment and keeps employees on track.

Managing Tips for a Multigenerational Workforce: From Baby Boomers to Gen Z
By Kiely Kuligowski | January 03, 2024

With 4 active generations in the workforce, managers should understand varying communication styles. Learn tips for managing a multigenerational workforce.

7 Powerful Tips for Highly Productive Online Meetings
By Julie Thompson | November 29, 2023

Online business meetings are a necessity in business today. Learn tips for more effective and productive online meetings without glitches and distractions.

5 Habits of High-Performing Teams
By Michael Henman | November 16, 2023

Learn the habits of high-performing teams to improve your own team's productivity and success in the workplace.

How the Best Companies Develop Better Employees
By Melissa Powell | November 14, 2023

Developing great employees starts with addressing their needs as professionals. Here's how to support their goals and keep them at your company.

Justworks Review and Pricing
By Skye Schooley | November 08, 2023

Justworks is an accredited PEO with an intuitive platform and services like benefits and payroll. Learn why Justworks is the best PEO for ease of use.

What Is Employee Attrition?
By Nicole Fallon | November 06, 2023

Employee attrition occurs when someone leaves a company, for any reason and through any means, and is not replaced by another employee.

10 Core Functions of HR Software
By Laura Handrick | November 06, 2023

What core functions do HR departments handle? Find out whether keeping HR in-house or outsourcing is best for your business.

How to Instill More Transparency in Your Business
By Jennifer Dublino | November 06, 2023

Instilling transparency in your business can boost employee retention, collaboration and productivity. Learn how to be more transparent.

Times Are Changing: The Future of Performance Management Trends
By Skye Schooley | November 06, 2023

Learn about the direction performance management is heading and how the most effective trends can help manage your team.

Why Do Small Businesses Need a Registered Agent?
By Deborah Sweeney | November 06, 2023

Finding a registered agent is part of starting a business. Learn what a registered agent is and why your small business needs one.

Champagne toast in an office
Drinking on the Job: Small Business Guide to Creating an Office Alcohol Policy 
By Sean Peek | November 06, 2023

Some employers allow drinking in the office. Here's what businesses should consider when creating an office alcohol policy for employees.